LET ME VOTE aims to reduce the democratic deficit by granting all mobile Europeans the right to vote not only in local and European elections, but also in regional and national elections in the State in which they live.


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Political argument :

Column in Le Monde 03/04/2012

Legal argument :

EUDO Debate

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In order for LET ME VOTE to go through, we need one million signatures in the whole of Europe.



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LET ME VOTE was launched by EUROPEENS SANS FRONTIERES (Europeans Without Borders).




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The time period for the collections of signatures of the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) run by letmevote has ended on the 28 January 2014. The ECI Committee would like to thank all those who signed during the 2013.

Unfortunately we did not succeed in collecting 1 million signatures, which would have been necessary to get our cause directly to the European Parliament. However, beyond the ECI we will continue to work on the issue of voting rights for EU citizens living abroad in the EU, and are likely to resubmit an ECI when the ECI framework is reviewed by the EU Commission.

In the meantime we will continue to build our network of supporters who believe in strong voting rights for all EU citizens like we do.
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We would also invite you to support our work by joining our parent organisation, Europeens Sans Frontieres on this website: www.europeenssansfrontieres.eu

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Philippe Cayla.